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AirTractor 802

With a payload of 9,249 lbs. (4.195 kg) and an 800-gallon hopper, the AT-802A stands alone. No other single-engine ag plane offers more working capacity. With its power, speed and payload; its long feature list and array of options, the AT-802A offers attractive new income opportunities for operators. You’ll work faster, stay longer over the field and complete more jobs in a single load. With the capacity to do the work of several smaller planes, the AT-802A provides a one-pilot operation with maximum productivity.

  • World’s Largest Single Engine Ag Aircraft
  • Can Haul Up To 800 Gallons
  • Increases Productivity
  • Wing span of 59.2 FT
  • Up to 400 acres per load 
  • Fuel capacity 302 gal
  • Powered by the P&W PT6A-65AG
  • 1295 horsepower
  • Working Speeds of 130-160MP

Reabe Gate

The Reabe Smart Gate is powered by a modern industrial grade brushless electric motor, a fully sealed system that does not require servicing. The simplicity of the system, with only 4 components and wiring, limit the installation and maintenance time.  With a touch of a button, the gate quickly moves to the programmed gate settings with our user-friendly controller. The Reabe Smart Gate interfaces with all major GPS units to provide accurate constant rate and variable rate application. The system also displays pounds on-board and total pounds applied.During constant or variable rate application the mechanical lever is stowed into a locked position. The pilot may reengage mechanical control effortlessly by manual movement of the lever. Constant and variable rate application provides the most modern application techniques to ensure uniform application for our customers.

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